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iBOMMA movies website is your go-to place if you’re someone who is always up for watching movies on the go. We understand that it is hard for people to find reliable sources to watch movies without paying for premium services like Netflix or Amazon prime. It is tedious to look for websites that provide HD-quality latest movies.

But iBOMMA is your knight in shining armor if you want an extensive collection of movies ranging from gripping action thrillers to terrifying horror movies. Not only that, the website has a great iBOMMA movie in the Telugu section for all Tamil movie lovers.

This article will discuss everything related to the benefits of using iBOMMA and features that you can use to make binge-watching sessions and iBOMMA movie download runs easier. 

Overview of iBOMMA

iBOMMA is a user-friendly streaming website that allows you to watch different genres of movies, including Bollywood, Hollywood, and Telugu movies. That is not all, you can watch iBOMMA movies in telugu. The best thing about this website is that it also offers a number of genres, including science fiction, action, comedy, horror, and romance. Therefore, you will not get bored of the selection available here.

That’s not all, iBOMMA also provides you with HD graphic-quality movies. Therefore, you will not have to squeeze your eyes into the screen to notice the details as everything will be crystal clear. More importantly, you will not have to download any software or application to use these movies. All you have to do is log onto the website, select the title that you want to watch, and stream your favorite content within a few minutes. You can also use the iBOMMA movie download feature to sort your movie binge sessions.

Another great thing about iBOMMA movies website is that it features a bug report section. In case you encounter any bugs on the website, you can just report it, and the team will get back to your complaint in a few minutes.

Other than that, if a certain server is not working on the website. You can access the movie from different servers, as there are multiple servers available for each movie. Other than that, you will also get a short synopsis of every movie so you know what you’re signing up for. 

That is not all, you can use the iBOMMA telugu movies download feature to even download these great titles on your device. 

All in all, iBOMMA is an easy and reliable way for you to enjoy movies in HD quality! 

iBOMMA Popularity Growth in Recent Years


iBOMMA Website Details

Name of WebsiteiBOMMA
UseWatch and Download Movies & Web Series.
Type of MovieBollywood, Hollywood & Telugu
Movie StatsNew and old releases
Website TypeTorrent content
Films Download Categories● Action
● Thriller
● Comedy
● Drama
Download FilmFree of Cost

iBOMMA Telugu Movies New 2023 

iBOMMA Telugu movies is one of the most popular movie genres on the site. Mainly because Telugu movies are extremely popular among the masses. People are obsessed with the magnanimity of these movies. But, since the Telugu industry is not as mainstream as Bollywood. Therefore, Telugu movie lovers have a hard time trying to find new movies online.

But iBOMMA has got it all. You can find all the old and new telugu movies on this website. That is not all. All the new movies you have our eyes on – you will be able to find them on the iBOMMA movies as soon as they get released. 

Here is an ibomma.com Telugu movies list so you can get your popcorn ready and use iBOMMA movie download feature to stock up on some great flicks from iBOMMA movies in the telugu section.

New iBOMMA movies in telugu for 2023
Project K
Veera Simha Reddy
Waltair Veerayya
Hari Hara Veera Mallu

iBOMMA Features

iBOMMA movies is a free movie streaming service that has a vast collection of movies, and TV shows that you can binge on during your time off. The best thing about the website is that it is really easy to watch new movies here instead of booking a ticket to the cinema. Especially after covid, people have realized that it’s easier to binge-watch movies at home rather than go to the cinema, pay for the ticket, and tire yourself. You can use the iBOMMA movie download feature to build your own movie library. But that’s not all about iBOMMA. Let’s discuss the features in detail. 

Free to use 

iBOMMA is a free-to-use streaming website. Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to spend a penny downloading or streaming the movies here (even iBOMMA movies in telugu). All you need to do is log onto the website, choose the movie you want to watch, and click play. That’s it. There are no hidden charges that you need to pay, so don’t worry about that.

This website is best for students who want to save money on Netflix and Amazon subscriptions. You can satisfy all your cravings from this website and save that money for something else (probably on the popcorn or snacks you will eat while binge-watching the movie).

Other than that, you can also use the iBOMMA movie download option for free. So, you won’t need to spend money trying to rent a movie for a day).

Great selection of Telugu movies

iBOMMA movies in Telugu are famous among the masses, but unfortunately, these movies are not readily available like Bollywood or Hollywood movies. But – if you are a telugu movie fan, you can stream them on iBOMMA. It’s as simple as that. There is no need for you to wait months to wait for the movie releases. Just wait a few days, and iBOMMA movies will have the latest movies available for you. 

And the best part? You can use the iBOMMA movie download feature for iBOMMA telugu movies download at your convenience.

Easy user interface

One of the most common problems with torrent movie sites is that the websites are not user-friendly. You have to spend a lot of time trying to find the movies you want to watch. But not anymore. 

iBOMMA has a great user interface. Everything is readily available for you. All you need to do is search for the movie/Tv show you want to watch. Click on the title, and that’s it. There is no need to download any software or go through a horrible website. iBOMMA will keep you covered.

Even the iBOMMA movie download option works like a charm. And if you have been using torrent websites for a while – you would know that the user interface can be a pain, but not anymore!

Movie synopsis

Most free movie websites do not have extra features for users. But iBOMMA is different from the rest. When you choose a movie to watch, you can just read the synopsis of the film on the main screen and decide whether you want to indulge in it or not. It’s easy, for example, if you want to watch iBOMMA movies in telugu – all you have to do is search for the title and read the synopsis off of the screen.

Now, you must think that it’s not big of a deal. But, when you are searching for a movie to watch – it adds to the experience when you don’t have to search for the movie titles in a separate window (and you will not have 100 tabs open on your browser too).

And in case you were about to download the movie using the iBOMMA movie download feature – you can save your data by just taking a look at the synopsis of the movie.

Trailer for each movie

If you think you need more information about the film before you indulge in it, iBOMMA movies have got the trailers of each film lined up. So, you won’t have to go to youtube to watch the trailer separately. Just click on “Trailer,” and the website will redirect you to your trailer for the iBOMMA movies in telugu. 

Once you are done watching the trailer, you can decide whether you want to watch the movie or not. 

Multiple servers

One of the best features of the iBOMMA movies website is that it has multiple servers for each movie. This means that when you choose a movie to watch, you can watch the movie from a number of servers. Therefore, in case a server is down, you can always use the other option. It’s a great option for people who have made up their minds about what movie they’re going to watch. So even if two servers are not working, they can always choose the third one to enjoy the movies. You can even use the iBOMMA telugu movies download feature and download movies from different servers. 

High quality stream

One of the reservations that everyone has regarding free movie websites is that they cannot seem to find high-quality movies there. However, with iBOMMA – You can enjoy HD streams of all the movies that are available on the website. Although, in the first couple of days after the movie’s release, the movie can be in slightly low quality. However, as soon as the website can get the hang of it, the HD version will be available for all the users of iBOMMA movies.

Hence, you can binge your iBOMMA movies in telugu without worrying about the world.

Works on every device

Another great feature of this website is that you don’t have to be on a specific device to be able to watch the movies that you want to catch. All you need to do is hop onto any device that is readily available at your service. Log onto the website and watch the movie that you want.

You must think that the iBOMMA telugu movies download feature will not work on every device, but it does. How amazing is that?

No buffering 

Yes, we understand that some of the websites are not up to the mark when it comes to watching movies without buffering. However, iBOMMA does not have any buffering whatsoever. As long as your internet connection is on point, you do not need to wait for the movie to buffer for hours. All you need to do is ensure that your internet connection is good and that your brother is up to date.

After that, it’s just going to be you, your device, some snacks, and an unlimited binge of iBOMMA new movies. 

iBOMMA Available Video Quality

Now, you must be thinking that this website has so many features. There has to be a catch to it. But, we assure you that there isn’t anything that you need to be worried about. 

The iBOMMA movie download section has HD-quality streaming available for you to watch the movies. So, as long as your internet connection is on point. You wouldn’t have any problem watching the movies. When you press play on the movie that you want to watch, it will get loaded in HD quality. Therefore, you do not need to worry about grainy video footage or anything. It will all be sorted. 

Even when you use iBOMMA Telugu movies download – the movie will download in HD quality (yes, iBOMMA is not playing here).

iBOMMA Movie Genres

iBOMMA movies is a champion website when it comes to delivering a variety of genres for you to watch. You do not need to hop onto different websites for different genres. All you need to do is hop on to this website, and satisfy all your cravings. 

iBOMMA Hindi movies

Hindi movie industry is huge. There are movies coming out every Friday, so there are so many titles that you wouldn’t even know off. But, with iBOMMA you do not need to worry about anything. The whole Hindi movie industry is available within your reach. 

Whatever movie or TV show you want to watch, just search for it in the taskbar that is located on your screen. Make sure that you type in the correct name for the movie. Press enter, and you will see the options appear on your screen.

Now, you must be thinking that what movie should I watch from all these options? Well, we will make it easier for you. There’s a TV series called scam 1992 – it’s one of the best-rated TV shows on IMDb. So you can imagine how good the script is. The TV show will keep you hooked until the last point and you will not be able to look away. Therefore, only watch this show when you have spare time – Otherwise you are going to miss out on your deadlines and your family is not going to be happy with you. 

But, if you want something light to watch. Then you can watch the new Ranveer Singh movie called Simba. No, it is not the animated one. But, it is an action-packed trailer that will keep you on your feet until the end. The movie is sweet and packed with action, and the songs will make you sway for hours on end. So, don’t wait for anything and log onto iBOMMA movies now!

iBOMMA Telugu movies

Telugu movies are quite famous across the globe. However, Telugu movies are not readily available, like in Bollywood and Hollywood. But there’s no need to worry. If you’re a Telugu movie geek – you can get your hands on the latest releases by hopping on to iBOMMA movies in the telugu section to watch your favorite flicks. 

There’s quite a few movies that are coming along that you should be excited about. For example, Project K is an amazing release that’s coming along the way. You can watch it on iBOMMA movies in telugu without having to wait for the official digital release.

And by the time you’re waiting for Project K to release – you can binge-watch other blockbusters like Hit or Krack on iBOMMA movies. 

Telugu movies are over the top, but those who know about them, know how to enjoy these flicks to the fullest. Grab a tub of ice cream, put a mask on (nopes, not the surgical one), and just lay down to enjoy your iBOMMA Telugu movies.

But, in case you want to enjoy the movies on a hill or on a flight, you can use the iBOMMA Telugu movies download feature to save yourself from dying because of boredom (yes, it can happen).

iBOMMA Hollywood movies

iBOMMA’s Hollywood movie section is your go-to place if you want to watch Hollywood movies. Hollywood movies have a lot of genres. And sometimes, you cannot find all of them under one website if you are not using a paid subscription. But, with iBOMMA you’ll be able to enjoy every Hollywood title possible without any trouble.

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to wait for digital movie releases. All you need to do is wait for the website team to put the movies on, and then you can binge-watch them at your convenience on iBOMMA movies. 

Although, there are lots of options available for you to watch. But we suggest that you try the avengers series. Start from the beginning and then watch it through the end.  

You’ll enjoy your time and won’t get bored of the universe. It’s exciting, it’s thrilling, it’s sad, and there’s romance. It’s everything that you’re looking for in a single movie series.

However, in case you’re looking for something different. You can try the Harry Potter series. There are a number of movies in this series, so you won’t Have to spend time trying to find a new series. Just let it settle for a few days as you immerse yourself in the Harry Potter universe. 

iBOMMA Premium Alternatives (Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Many Others)

In case you cannot find a movie that you want to watch on iBOMMA movies. You can always try paid streaming services as an alternative. The best thing about these streaming services is that there are no legal issues that you can get into. Every title gets a digital release so most of the movies will be available for you to watch. If you can’t find something on one subscription, you can find it or another.

There are plenty of streaming services available at your end, but here are some options that you should explore. 


Unless you live under a rock, you must’ve heard about Netflix. It’s the best streaming service available on the Internet these days. Unless something else comes to take over, Netflix is the Champion. 

You can find hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows around here at your own convenience. There are subtitles available in different languages so you don’t have to limit yourself to a few options. However, the best thing about Netflix is that you can download movies to watch them offline.

Therefore, if you have a flight to catch or you’re going for some time off into the woods, you can always download them and watch them at your convenience.

Another good thing about Netflix is that it keeps on adding new titles to its list. Therefore, you will never run out of options to watch. But, we suggest that you use the iBOMMA movies in the telugu section to save money and enjoy your favorite movies. 

Amazon Prime 

Amazon prime is like the Pepsi of streaming services. Everyone wants to go for Netflix, but sometimes they have to settle for Amazon prime.

However, it’s not as bad as you think it is. Amazon has a lot of movie titles that are not available on Netflix. Therefore, if you’re looking for something specific, try to see if you can find it on Amazon. The best thing about Amazon is that you can also rent out movies if you do not want to buy a subscription 

Other than that, Amazon prime also has a vast selection of TV shows to watch. If you’re looking for something nice, you can watch “Made in Heaven”. It’s a great series that shows a wedding-planning company that goes around the country to book and plan weddings for different kinds of people. The best thing about the series is that it shows a lot of social stigmas and issues through a fun lens. But, brace yourself as the series can get a bit gut-wrenching at the end. 


HBO now is also an excellent streaming service that you can use to binge-watch movies and shows. The best show that you can watch on HBO is Game of Thrones. It is an immersive universe that will keep you grounded for about seven seasons. Therefore, you will not even find the time to go watch something else on any other platform. 

You can access HBO now as a standalone service without having to pay anything extra. And if you are smart with it, just binge-watch the Game of Thrones series and then cancel your subscription.

Other than that, you can also keep your subscription to binge-watch different movies if you cannot find them on the iBOMMA movies in the telugu section.


iBOMMA movies is hands down the best website to binge-watch movies if you do not want to pay for a subscription. Most three websites are loaded with viruses and half of the movies do not work. However, with this website, you will have to guarantee that every title that you click on will work.

Moving on, you can also read the synopsis of the movies or the series that you want to watch and go through the trailer so you don’t waste your time on bad movies. However, if you think that you want to watch something else, then you can always pay for services like Netflix and Amazon prime. But, it’s always a good idea to save up some money especially if you’re a student or you are on a budget.

Other than that, if you are a Telugu movie fan, downloading them can be a task and a half. But, you can use iBOMMA telugu movies download feature to sort it out for you. iBOMMA movies in the telugu section will keep you busy. 

Frequently Asked Questions on iBOMMA

Do I have to pay for iBOMMA movies?

No, the iBOMMA website is absolutely free to use. Yes, When you look at the features and the excellent streaming service of the website, you can get an illusion that there are some hidden charges that you will have to pay afterward. But, do not worry as the website is entirely free to use. All you need to do is find the titles that you want to watch, click play, grab your popcorn and enjoy. 

Is iBOMMA movies a safe site?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use. We understand that some torrent sites are unsafe to use as they are loaded with malware and viruses. However, iBOMMA does not have any viruses whatsoever. As long as your device is up and running, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Even if you see a pop-up head in there, just close it and you’ll be good to go. 

Will I get into trouble by using iBOMMA?

Well, It depends. The iBOMMA website works through torrents. Therefore, it is not legal to use. And when we look into legal terms, using this website can lead to infringement of law, etc. Therefore, we do not endorse any such activities. You may watch the movies that you want to watch here. But, it’s always better to use authorized websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime to watch content. 

Does iBOMMA have ads?

Well, the ads are not popping up on your screen so your streaming experience will not get interrupted. But yes, there will be some ads here and there. That’s what you get when you want to avoid paying for streaming services. 

Whenever you come across an ad, just close it down and continue with your binge. 

Can I use iBOMMA movies on my phone?

Yes, you can access the iBOMMA website on your phone. In fact, you can use the website on any device. Be it your laptop, a smart TV, or your mobile phone. All you need is a stable internet connection and that’s it. 

Can I watch movies on iBOMMA without the internet?

Unfortunately, you cannot watch movies on this website without the Internet. It is because the website streams the content in real-time and there’s no option to view them offline. 

However, you can pay for streaming services like Netflix to download content on your device to watch on the go.

Do I need to create an account on iBOMMA to watch movies?

No, you do not need to create an account on the website to access the movies. All you need to do is hop onto the website and select the movie you want to watch. After that, you can choose any seven from the given options and stream the content that you want. 

How can I report a bug on iBOMMA?

If you come across any problem on the website, you can report it to customer service. All you need to do is hop onto the main webpage of the website. After that, look for the “report bug” option on top of your screen. Click on it to proceed further. 

Does the iBOMMA telugu movies download option work?

Yes, in case your want to download a movie on your device – you can always use the download button on iBOMMA for iBOMMA Telugu movies download. It works like a charm every time. Just go to the iBOMMA movies in telugu section and download the movie.

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